The Meaning of Pink Roses: Love and Gratitude

With its existence since the ancient times, pink roses acquired various species and shades that convey from love to gratitude to sympathy. From this, pink has been ranked the most popular rose, next from red. This article discusses how the pink rose evolved from the old times, gaining a number of meanings with it.
Pink roses are one of the oldest roses known to us and have a rich history that dates back to some of the earliest pieces of visual art. In the Talmud, it is written that pink roses are the only flowers allowed to bloom in Jerusalem; thus, they came to be associated with paradise. Pink roses were the dominant species of wild roses and were the first flowers to evolve into their present-day form. When roses were first cultivated in the 18th century for commercial use, most of them existed in shades of pink – from a pale, almost white to a deep crimson. With the development of hybridization techniques and the discovery of new rose species, flower growers introduced new shades of pink to the public. At around this time, roses were also imbued with the ability to bloom all throughout the year – a significant development since garden roses only blossomed once a year. As more shades and species evolved, each began to have their own meanings, and the meaning of pink roses became even more refined. Today, pink roses are known as symbols for love and gratitude. These pink flowers also carry undertones of elegance, grace, sweetness, and poetic romance. Because the pink rose was more prevalent over other garden-variety roses, it became strongly associated with these positive sentiments. Different shades of pink also carry their own meanings. Light pink roses symbolize admiration, gentleness, and can be used to bring messages of sympathy. Fuchsia-toned roses can mean appreciation and gratitude and are traditionally used to express thanks. As a decorative presence in the corner of a room, the aroma, color, and shape of a bouquet of pink roses can make everything look small and shabby in comparison.Due to the many ways where they can be used to express a wide range of meanings and emotions, pink is the most popular rose color, second only to red. The symbolic importance as well as the delicate appearance and sweet fragrance associated to all roses are traced back to the oldest of flowers – the pink rose. Although much has changed about it throughout history, pink roses have held a consistent, prominent place in the world of flowers. Today, pink roses have a unique position that represents refinement and elegance while communicating admiration and thanks. Any recipient of a bouquet of pink roses will not only be taken aback by their beauty; that person is sure to feel special and loved.

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